Monday, 11 April 2016

You are never too cool for the Old School

The computer has a better memory than you, and he thinks faster than you, and does not need time. That must mean she productivity better than you can do, it is the obvious place to go, do to find tools that will improve your productivity. Or is it?

Maybe, just maybe, there is a risk that you could get blinded by tech, and think that all the answers are to be found at the tip of the fingers on the keyboard. Maybe some of them, and if you are one of those tech-savvy people, you probably already have identified those that you need.

We hope you have, because the landscape is so variable like jelly at a birthday party for children. New children arrive on the tech block all the time, they all provide faster, cleaner interfaces with the network and the applications to make your life faster and cleaner, so what is appropriate last week or last month was not perhaps so could last week or last month ...

But just hang for a moment. If you can do a little faster with the help of an app from one piece sent written software, is that necessarily do the fashion work? Is there a danger that you have succumbed to the insidious "I can, therefore I must" mantra that pervades much of modern business?

And here is the difference between you and your computer. You have to think the power; the performance from the tech step and re-evaluate how you fill your work life (and the bit of your non working life, which seems to somehow fill anyway with work. This will be the tech that is taking over ... ) in short, could scroll through the contents of a screen more done, but it is not that there is a better way than, well, sitting on a chair and scroll through the contents of a screen ...?

There are. Pause breathe, and relax, then if our list of possibilities, read to improve your productivity, so you get more done for the sake of what organization you in work. Sure, there are some computer-based advice in what follows, but it is not all about the keyboard and screen ...

Realize you're smarter than the computer. Because computers can do so much for us today, there is a danger that we think that they can do anything. This is not necessarily the case. Use the tech if it is the best answer, but others do not discard, just because they are not technically-based

Do not do so much. not do what does not need to do: OK, let's put it differently. For example, you spend as much time at random nonsense written on Facebook looking for? How often do you break checking emails, and then spend time up to speed again and again on what you'll be doing?

Say "no" more often. A customer has a message on his wall. It says: "Lack of planning on your part not an emergency is on my part". Fire problems caused by someone other shortcomings can help you in your work do not get, but if you start doing it, colleagues will start to expect it from you. Never stop be helpful, but be helpful to your conditions, if it fits your diary. You could plan better next time.

Be sure. Turn people away politely if you do not have time to help them on the spot. There is nothing wrong to say: "I'd love to help, but I'm a bit busy now, we can put something in the diary for this afternoon / tomorrow / next Tuesday.?"

Delegate. Just because your job title says Facilities Manager, why you need to wash the windows or change the flag on the roof Head Office? Sure, they are tasks that need to do, but if you get someone else to do it (who would probably do a better job of it anyway do), then you can do things others can not, and that would be your better use time. Entrepreneurs do this all the time, and it seems to work for them. If you are in business alone, you do not fix your own accounting or own IT. Get expert you will do it faster, and probably better than you can in., Liberate your time to customers to seek out and make money.

Prioritize. The tasks that you have to reach all are not equally important. It only takes a moment to work, where you have to do first. Kill them and move to less important things later.

Multi-person multi-tasking. We plead not try to do two things at once. It takes more time and the results are not so good, so it is better to learn to concentrate on one thing at a time. But if you are involved in some team project where others can not get until you have done your part, do what you need to do to set things up to take over the baton for them. In this way, they are not their time waiting off on you idle, things done faster, and you have gone on to the next task.

Change the way to work. End can add to work leave five minutes at home 20 minutes after the half hour on the drive. Act together and leave five minutes earlier you, and you will find that the time for something productive free, rather than sitting in a traffic queue and on the bus before crying. If you use the train, fill in the time of tasks to perform, so that you have done a series of work before. Even to work

Boost your morale. Take a look at the "to do" list. Select two or three quick and easy results to start the working day, and get the satisfaction of crossing them off as completed.

Hit the ball back to the boss. Do you feel that is put under too much stress? Bat the ball back and say, "I can do all this, but not all at once what you would do me first.?" You can send a half-baked answer as get: "All of them"; it is less than helpful, but it allows you to decide what comes first, and he can no comeback if the work he wanted (or she) is really first put on the back of the queue also done.

The work in the ranks. Take the time to employ at certain points in the day with banking, or e-mails or phone calls. similar tasks The compilation allows you to be more organized, and to do the jobs in less time. You will feel less stressed about yourself, and you will not have so much to remember, as the day goes on.

Dodge meetings. We still have a meeting to see where everyone has done something. Get off more often than not, the person in charge will be passed on to other work, the later to do more, and less time to go to work back to do. A meeting with the question of what is wanted from you, and you can see far faster than by sitting for a wasted hour or two can cut in a room on the hunt. (We also knew of a manager who would say: ". We do not have a meeting for a while had Ask a to, and think about putting something on the agenda."

Keep it quiet. Do not be caught in a long and pointless conversations, they decelerate. Last TV / football game / news headlines night could be interesting, but they are the most important thing in your life when you are at work? Almost certainly not. Bin the chat you have enough time to give up, in which to be productive.

Hide. Sounds a bit radical, but this is about the head below the parapet for the duration to keep something that is important to you. Put an office generally upward when the door is closed, you're not to be disturbed. You do not have your own office? Go to an empty room and work there. Separate yourself off from the network through the WiFi connection or disconnect the network cable. You can always join later, when you have reached otherwise.

Run several errands. You need half a dozen places to go to? The work of the trip, before leaving to minimize spent mileage and the time for these tasks. Choose a time of day when the traffic will be at its lightest.

Drink. Pecking on a keyboard away for hours making time slip through our fingers like dry sand, and it is easy to forget that you have nothing to eat or had during this time drinking. Not eating is not as much of a concern, as long as you do it in a balanced way, but not to drink is a big mistake. If you do not drink, lack of moisture is your thought processes slow down, and make it harder for you to get things done - without you noticing it. Have some water on hand, and you catch on board, in tandem with top 17th

Step away from the screen. Sure, you have the computer, which is much to do, but getting up and moving for a few minutes every hour to help you keep focus when you get back, and increase productivity - but it does not re-knock again with meaningless conversation as we mentioned in tip. 13

A place for everything. Keep things where they are actually to be. If you can not remember where you left the car keys and are for it every time you want to go hunting the house, how much time you waste? The hunt for things that you have has been careless in placing even more a waste of time when searching on Facebook Pictures of cats.

Get rid of clutter. If it's on your desk too much random stuff, your eye will be drawn continuously to her, with your mind on the task in hand away. A tidy workplace will streamline the mind always on with what's important.

Handle paper only once. Do not read anything by, and put them to action later down because when his turn comes, you need to read it again. If you have time to read it, then deal with the action requires. A better way is to put you planned to do later with the other stuff. See top 11th

Master, not a slave. After some time you spent showing how to improve productivity through non-computer tips, it's time to turn on the computer and think about how to make the best of it, remember that you are in charge, not. Begin to jump with shortcuts or hotkeys that make it as easy of a task or an application to the next. PC users will probably Autohotkey, Mac users mercury. Active does much the same thing. The goal is the same with all of them; You to use a document, folder, or a piece of software on a regular basis. a single button for each of them assign you get faster on them. each setting will take a few minutes, but the time will be amortized to be very large in the course of a year or even a month. Find out how to best utilize with tutorials on-line.

Ask an email signature. to create a customized e-mail signature takes no time at all, and every time you want to be and to write a new email. It can be far more than just keep your name, but also details in connection, photos, disclaimers - you name it. to provide the way a signature is different, depending on which email package you use, but it will be there somewhere. Once done, all your emails will be duly signed, and it will take no time whatever to sign your message. Looks more professional!

Junk Junk. Align robust junk filter, preferably with whom host your service, so you will not be bombarded with phishing emails or offers from dodgy Meds your inbox. Some messages that you do not want to be still slip through to get, but you should set up your system to redirect them to your junk or spam folder. (But remember the folder to check at least once a day, to ensure that your system is overzealous in what he thinks of you.

Ask yourself. You are busy, but are you to be productive, or are you like a cartoon character on the spot to run before you get traction? The only way to find out is to ask yourself when you start a task. If the answer is no, then why would you do it? In a broader context, one might ask, if what you are doing, add value to your business is. If it is not, then you are costing the organization money, and it's time to rethink priorities.

To file or not to submit. Here is where computer power really scores. Putting files in the correct folder when they created eliminates the need for time-consuming paper tray, and means that sharp and clean documents are always at hand. However, you should not let the old school paper tray down when your computer will not be backed up regularly in a robust manner, either on a stand-alone hard disk or to the cloud. Let 'save the computer "file as you go hours or non-productive time and go your productivity through the roof.

Prepare before meals. Think how much time (and probably money) you're wondering what to waste, while as soon as you arrive on the way home for dinner, and sorting it there. Think about doing menu items for next week's shopping in one hit (supermarkets supply these days!), And that is something else, you do not have to think when you're tired. This provides the same result as the top 26th

buy time digging stress. While there are only so many hours in the day, they are not all equal in terms of the pressure that they bring. Move mornings are getting busier and busier as the evening, so some moving tasks from one to another. Make a lunch box? Do it the night before and refrigerate Pop. Creating a Presentation? Print the notes in the night before. a shirt to be ironed? before night. The entry into the discipline of "day before" preparation is to eliminate stress, and help you to hit the ground running.

Get to your financial management. We go to work because we earn money, have bills to pay and food on the table. Given that it's so hard to earn, how much of it you waste? Not knowing leads to waste, which means that in terms of productivity you have the cartoon character from the top 25 again, running hard, but do not move forward. Getting yourself a money management application that free-to-download is that easy to use and intuitive, it allows you to track spending easily and figure out how to spend money smarter, with no more at the end of the month leaving significant reduction in the life standard - in fact, if you use it correctly, you will probably find aspirational save big purchases.

Find the TV 'off' switch. How productive are you when you sit (or crooked or lying) in front of the television, just you have something already seen by companies without new content screened to fill the large number of TV channels? Although the mild is entertaining, what are you by staring at the advertisement to be made? They would be more productive, and the time would be spent, worth to do something that will make life easier. Take a look at the tips 26 and 27th

Make it work for you. Nothing in this list will help you when you see it as a chore. Far better to choose the things that high up your list to come on the basis of "this is achievable," "I can do that" or "good idea!" If you increase your productivity by changing the way you work with only some of these ideas and see the benefits for yourself, you can change your views on other items on the list.

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